Aside from regular, routine and occasional house maintaining and smaller interventions within your residence, every significant home improvement project represent a big investment, a large scope project and a dramatic change. Hopefully in a good way. Considering all this, most people are slightly frightened of home improvement projects due to the risk of hiring low – quality technicians and unreliable experts. In addition, it’s rare that one company can cover all the required tasks. If you are renovating your kitchen, the chances are you will need construction technicians, as well as plumbers, glass company, designers, perhaps even painters. Unless you work with our company.

We gather all the experts you might need during various reconstruction projects, including everything from trusted suppliers, project managers, construction experts to professional cleaning in Dublin. Here’s review of basic services we can provide due to our multi-partnerships with other branches.

Proper organization is essential

The properties and scope of desired renovation project determine the number of trained people required to realize the job, but proper organizing of their activities and the whole project flow should be handled to an experienced project manager. Our company employs professionals with various expertise capable of leading everything from smaller renovation tasks with just a few technicians required to extensive landscaping reconstructions requiring dozens of workers.

High – quality material

We have long-term relations with numerous suppliers of high – quality material necessary for all sorts of home improvement tasks, which guarantees not just a quality material, but also the lower prices. If you are planning to construct additional premises within your residence, we will ensure quality construction material. If you need windows replacement, we cooperate with the best glass companies in our area. The same goes for any other given tasks. Also, we provide the latest equipment and tools to meet the high standards in each of these branches.

We don’t leave the mess behind

house maintaining serviceLet’s face it. One of the reasons why people are not really delighted about technicians working around their residence is the inevitable mess all sorts of construction works make. We were rather aware of this when we included a reliable cleaning company into an assortment of our associated services. Professional cleaning in Dublin isn’t hard to find, but we’ve been cooperating with Need to Clean company for long enough to check their actual quality of cleaning services. Whatever the renovation project includes, these guys will handle the “after party” mess. They provide all from basic vacuuming, floor mopping, window washing, deep cleaning of furniture, polishing of your bathroom and kitchen, with all the appliances included.

This cleaning company is specially trained for post-renovation and post-construction cleaning tasks when you need a meticulous and extensive cleaning of all the premises in your home. Once they impress you with their cleaning skills, the quality of services and respectable professionalism, you’ll wish to hire them for routine, casual cleaning as well. These guys are efficient, timely, skilled, reliable, use eco – friendly cleaning products and will make your home renovation job effortless for you personally.