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On this site, you can see the services that we work across the country with the best team of experts who are there for you. The most valuable workers are engaged in all projects in order to make it all on time.


PVC – embedding PVC windows in your home to prevent heat exchanger and huge heating bill during winter days.


In addition to external insulation, we also have the possibility of internal insulation if you need it. Internal isolation has significant advantages in isolating rooms for temporary use that do not heat up permanently: they can be heated with minimal energy consumption

Parquet floors

Repairing and refurbishing the parquet always begins with deep cleaning, to fundamentally remove the residual traces of grease and wax. It also involves the installation of parquet tiles, and lacquering in three layers.

How to contact us?

In principle, it would be best to come in person to see the catalogs. However, there is a possibility through e-mail to send you our offer and when you decide to call us to arrange the details of the job.

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This blog is designed to bring you closer to the importance of renovating your home in time. From the texts where we write about the importance of isolation and texts on the installation of solar panels to the provocation of our company, you can find on this blog.

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About us

Capacitybuilders is a non-departmental public body (NDPB) set up in 2006 to take over the management of the ChangeUp programme and to work with other funders to build the capacity of the Third Sector. We exist to create a more effective third sector and we do this by...