Only at the beginning of our company’s work, a young married couple angered us for renovating and fixing the house. It was agreed that the windows should be replaced with insulation and replaced with parquet. They were determined to get home before they came to him.

After this conversation, we agreed on the work to be done, the time it takes to get everything close to the payment itself, the next day the husband came and wanted to talk to us but be secret. I sat with him, ordered a coffee and asked what was done and what was so secretive. His desire was to adjust one room as a playroom. Since he wanted to surprise his wife. I did not ask much, feeling that he wanted the mark.

The works were running not very well. We had difficulty isolating ourselves since the house was very large and we did not calculate the material we needed. In addition to all this, the delivery of materials was delayed for several days and we did not know what to do, thinking that we would break the deadline we told our clients. So, we were said to be new to this business and we wanted to do our best to satisfy our customers. These little things have brought tensions to our workers and with the head of the work that started slowly to panic that it will not be all over. I  managed to calm him down and said that nothing would be feared and everything would be fine.

Special room with special instructions

When I told him about the room we had agreed with our husband to be a playroom, he was slightly surprised that he said that he had no problem and that he knew what to do with him. This room was special. It is made with additional insulation for sound with special ventilation and windows that are not transparent from the outside. We’ve added a couple more connectors to make it a lot for all possible games like pinball and so on.

Near the end of the works. A young married couple came to see how the works are going. The woman was thrilled because everything seemed to be what she had imagined without any difference. While the woman was admiring, my husband took me aside and asked what was with him. I am utterly confident that he does not have to worry and he will be delighted with his part of the house and that he will be satisfied as his wife. I understood him, he wanted only one room where he would be able to relax, watch football with the company playing games, and not disturb his wife. When it was all over, they came to see.

We were praised by many with their delighted works. I took my husband to his playroom and explained to him what was done. The man was puffed. He looked at me confused and said that he did not want it but a room where their child would be able to play because his wife was pregnant. I immediately apologized to him and within two days everything was turned into a children’s room. There was no anger, the woman laughed when she heard what had happened.