Complete renovation of the bathroom cost

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bathroomHere are our tips and methods to renovate your bathroom by replacing only your old elements with new furniture. In this case, the budget is higher because the total renovation requires changing all the bathroom equipment: bath, shower, furniture and basin, faucets and mixers, … Your bathroom will be completely redone.

The change of the elements with new equipment makes it easy to feel good in his bathroom. Among the items to replace, you can opt for:

The change of furniture: often, old furniture does not fit all your belongings, especially if the family is growing. So, it is time to replace them and arrange the space optimally so that everyone can put their toiletries in this room.
Replace the bathtub with a shower: the bathtub takes up a lot of space. Also, replacing it with a shower and even better a walk-in shower will bring some air into your bathroom and give it a different look.

Put a double basin: it corks when brushing teeth? Opt for the double basin instead of the single central sink. This will bring a completely different design to your bathroom.
Changing the work plan: Often tiled floors bring an old-fashioned touch to your bathroom. Replace it with a flat wood look for example and you will bring a warm touch to your bathroom.

Partial renovation of the bathroom

In the case of a partial renovation, it is common to reuse old furniture and equipment to limit the amount of work. Without getting rid of certain elements, you can also do something new with old. Thus, a stroke of paint on your furniture, your faience or the work plan can change everything without having anything to buy.

Indeed, it is common to see individuals opt for the painting of their wall tiles. Similarly, it is possible to keep the old bathtub and restore it by applying a special resin. You will get a new bathtub without having to change anything. You save the price of installing a new bathtub.

Price factors for a bathroom renovation

What is the home renovation average cost? It is difficult to estimate the exact price of bathroom remodeling work. Although the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, the work to redo it is expensive. Several factors directly impact the price to renovate your bathroom:

The size of the bathroom (area in m2).
The installation of water network and plumbing equipment (water inflow, evacuation, …).
The renovation project to be carried out (remake the bathroom completely or in part only).
Replacement of the flooring.
Replacement of the wall covering.
Disassembly of items to be changed: bathroom furniture, shower cubicle, bathtub,…
The creation of a walk-in shower.
The building company that carries out the work.
Depending on your project, the price of a bathroom renovation can double and even triple. Therefore, it is essential to think carefully about the future layout of your bathroom and especially, to compare the estimates of several professionals of the building. If the amount of renovation work on your pond exceeds your budget, you will have to make concessions on one of the price factors listed above.

Price to renovate a bathroom

On average, a bathroom renovation by a professional cost 6.5k on average. This is the average price paid by individuals to redo their bathroom. Of course, this price changes depending on your project and other factors. Some complete renovations cost more than 20k as they include the installation of high-end equipment, bath or shower.

Therefore, whether you have decided to change some elements or to use the existing ones, the prices to renovate your bathroom fluctuate according to the work envisaged. You can expect to pay between 4k and 20k for the renovation of your bathroom according to your choice.

To have a detailed view of the price of a bathroom renovation, here is a summary of the indicative prices applied to works by works:

Quote renovation of an old bathroom

If you have opted for a complete renovation of the floor-to-ceiling without forgetting the walls and to absolutely change all the elements, washbasin, shower, bathtub, of your bathroom, you will have to count between 10k and 20k for your new room of bath water.

To have an accurate estimate of the amount of your project, contact qualified building companies. These craftsmen will study your project and the different tasks to undertake to redo your bathroom. They will advise you on the choice of materials, the best possible layout, … After discussion, they will offer their rate to renovate your old bathroom and you will have to compare the quotes to renovate your bathroom at best price.