3 Reasons why you need a construction manager

  1. The project would be completed on time

Construction managers use advanced project managements and scheduling software that provide continuous updates to the project owner. They also keep track daily on the changes that have been made to the project. He keeps track of the project progress and the current stage it is in so as to prevent it from falling behind schedule and he can allocate the necessary resources accordingly.

  1. Budgets can be easily met and costs can be kept at a minimum

During the bidding stages of a construction project, construction managers are quite very proficient at creating a very competitive bidding process. They also make sure that no one runs over their contract by being hands on through the project period.

  1. To prevent and manage risks

Construction managers are quite well experienced when it comes to risks that are involved in projects. With that experience, they can properly and efficiently plan for risks whenever and if ever they occur. They typically have a risk management system tactics in play at all times to control the possible risk ahead of time.

5 tips on hiring builders and skilled tradesmen

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Getting the right builder and skilled tradesmen can sometimes be a very daunting task. You have to choose a reliable and professional contractor or builder that would ensure the success of your building project. With these tips, you would learn how to find the best builder and get the relationship off to a great start. Continued

4 Signs You Are Working With a Bad Landscaping Company

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When it comes to landscaping and gardening in general, they definitely require a great amount of money – sometimes even an overwhelming amount. There is the materials then design and labour plus the cleaning and maintenance. In essence, these then compel you to really invest in a good landscaping company that you can trust with your resources, especially of the monetary kind.

Now, conversely, let’s list down signs that show you are working with a landscaping business that is not around to offer you the excellent quality that you deserve:

  1. Lenient with Licenses and Documents

It is normal that you have your guard up and ask your partner of legalities. These may be their government and/or industry licenses. If they do not move with haste, especially when you require to see these documents – they keep postponing it for many different reasons – then maybe those are excuses for you to not know they are not a legit business.

It is even safe that you start the collaboration with a contract and supposing they do not comply with it, even with just the formulating of one, then how can you be assured they are going to accomplish the goals that were set for the garden expanse?

  1. Ambiguous Planning

Have you noticed that when you talk to them about your plans on the garden and landscape designs and what not, they just listen passively, agree but do not take any notes? That type of attitude is enough of a warning sign for you. They should even be more active than you when it comes to the planning process. They should send you written proposals and openly discuss all steps with you.

  1. Poor Communication

Similar to the previous one would be this, poor communication. For this one though, this pertains to a scenario such as this: a layout has already been done and changes on it were not told to you. Basically, they did not inform you of any modifications that came with the project. That is just not right. Even if you are not one to be very much involved, like you are always there, but it is the responsibility of the firm and its representatives to communicate with you about anything and everything, big or small.

  1. Random Staff

Since the work is being done in your residential premises, for instance, you need to know and familiarise yourself with the folks that are coming in and out. Nevertheless, if the company staff are people who keep changing, that is just strikingly unusual. There should be a set of individuals that are introduced to you, who will then be the ones to stay as long as the duration of your employment of them is. Supposing there are people out of the blue, then you should, without hesitation, inquire about that to the company.

The Lambeth landscape gardeners aim to be not with these characters and attitudes. It is understandable that you are being suspicious but it is because you are just protecting your money.