Roller shutters, or as they are called “blinds” or “cloth blinds” in vogue recently, but they are quickly captured market. Today, many order immediately the additional installation of curtains along with the installation of new windows. And this popularity is quite justified. That roller has significant advantages over conventional blinds.

The advantages of roller shutters

Great selection of colors and tones, textures, textures, fabrics, which are suitable for any interior. Due to the fact that the blinds are integral soul, it may well be a complex pattern, and it will not look ugly. Fabrics can have a different density to be almost transparent, and dense enough to completely darken the room. On the basis of the fabric can be monotonous, color, with images of children’s drawings, printing of complex drawings, paintings or brand photographs.

A variety of fabric structures – cotton, linen, silk, polyester and even PVC fabric. Curtains/blinds are impregnated with a special compound so that the fabric will not burn, minimally dirty, that do not accumulate dust and the blade edges do not dissolve.

In the market, you can even find roller shutters with anti-glare, or insulating properties.

Roller shutters perfectly match with tulle, unlike conventional blinds. To spice up the interior, but you have to choose the right combinations.

There are special blinds to darken the room completely, which are composed of two layers – the interior is a fabric and the exterior – reflective screen. These blinds are perfect for rooms where there is a home theater and bedrooms.

Roller shutters are compact, occupy very little space, rolled up, so that the sill remains free. In addition, they can be omitted not until the end, closing only a part of the window, and let sunlight penetrate.
shutters, which are mounted on each one guillotine windows separately, allow closing a single flap, depending on the needs. With conventional blinds, they make it impossible.

Very easy to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth and rinse random spot with soapy water. They are also easy to fix. See how to fix roller blinds here.

Disadvantages of roller shutters

Insufficiently strong and durable components of roller shutters. Practically all the pieces are made of plastic and mistreated that are easy to break.

The fabric can absorb odors, especially if the curtain is installed in the kitchen, and it can not be gotten rid of, unlike conventional curtains.

If the roller shutter is mounted on the window frame, instead of the user’s profile, or inside the window opening, then opening a window with the blinds closed will not work. This is a very important drawback since conventional curtains can be completely combined with air vents and open windows. If the barrier is installed in the profile of the sheet, this problem does not exist.
To maximize the level disadvantages, it is better to choose reliable manufacturers blinds of high-quality materials.