Month: June 2015

8 Tips on Hiring a Good Contractor

Doing a construction? Or a home renovation perhaps? Well, basically the hardest process into starting all these might be searching for the right contractor. How will you be able to find the right contractor? Most of the times,...

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  • What To Expect As A Professional Contractor

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  • We are all the people you need for home improvement

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  • Insulating materials - Capacity Builders

    As you can see, besides the main “consumers” that we have already dealt with in the previous text, there is heat drains that you probably did not even know. Through them, only a small part of the heat is lost, but it is very important to us that these are the places where we can …

  • Home improvement with solar panels - Capacity Builders

    Many people have chosen to use solar energy for their homes instead of using energy from distributors. Using solar energy is no longer an unusual thing in your home. In fact, the first gadgets – that functioned on solar energy – were mostly, they are still small desktop calculators. If they run out of battery, …

  • National Support Service - Capacity Builders

    There are people who have never had a chance for a normal life and a roof over the head while some of the circumstances some lost their home because of one or the other reasons. There are organizations dealing with the problems of people who do not have their own home and are there to …

  • Story - One anecdote from the project - Capacity Builders

    Only at the beginning of our company’s work, a young married couple angered us for renovating and fixing the house. It was agreed that the windows should be replaced with insulation and replaced with parquet. They were determined to get home before they came to him. After this conversation, we agreed on the work to …

  • Start home improvement - Capacity Builders

    Heating your home in the winter months participates in total energy consumption with incredible 50-70%. Approximately 20% of this is spent on the heating water in boilers and washing machines. That’s why the first and greatest austerity measure in every home is the planned use of these devices during the cold months. Most homes and …

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